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Joseph Brett Ltd originally started trading in 1985; a partnership between Bob Dawson and Chris Littlewood.

The original products were all Needlepunch rolls stocked and distributed from Sheffield. Bob took over the company solely in the mid- nineties until his retirement around 2003. Chris and his family resurrected the company again in 2011 to sell  high quality cost effective L.V.T. tiles.

The latest range is now ‘registered Embossed’ and is being launched in May 2018.

Elements Extra suits any room and any style, suitable for all areas within the home and is also suitable for commercial applications Elements Extra is water, slip and dent resistant. Also due to the unique Urethane coating Elements Extra is scratch, scuff and stain resistant.

Elements Extra offers a superb range of modern contemporary flooring to suit every room in the home or commercial application, the look and feel authentically reproducing the warmth and natural grains of wood.

Rustic Forest

Pumice Ash

Nordic Smoke

Country Oak

Barn Oak

Artic Cabin

Installation & Maintenance Guide

We reserve the right to amend these guidelines without prior notification.
Last modified: 17/04/18.

Upon receiving, please check that goods comply with the order requirements and visually inspect each tile/plank for any defects and/or dye lot variation. Any discrepancies should be reported immediately. All goods must be stored in a weather tight enclosure between (18oC – 26 oC).

Remove material from the packaging, spread out and allow to condition in room where installation is to take place at a constant temperature o f (18oC – 26 oC) for a period of 48 hours prior to installation.

All areas where flooring will be installed must have a working heat and or air conditioning source operational a minimum of one week prior to installation and remain in operation during and after installation.

A humidity test must be carried out on all concrete floors in accordance with BS8203. Where readings are above 75% RH, a damp proof membrane is required. Record all test results and corrective actions – documentation is required in the event of a claim.

All supporting surfaces shall be structurally sound, solid, free of movement, stable, level, plumb and true to a tolerance in plane of 6mm in 3m. Any indentations, cracks or any other surface irregularities shall be rectified using the appropriate smoothing or levelling compounds. Any calcium sulphate, plaster, gypsum based compounds are not recommended.

All surfaces shall be dry, clean and free of dust, oil, grease, paint, tar, wax, primer, sealer, old adhesive or any deleterious substance and debris which may prevent or reduce adhesion. Remove any traces of acid or alkali from the substrate prior to the application of the surface product and/or adhesive. The structural design of all floors shall not allow a deflection of more than 1/360 of span under live or dead loads. For all wood subfloors, approved underlayment panels must be used and in accordance to the manufacturers installation guidelines.

Should any subfloor or underlayment material beneath the resilient flooring fail responsibilities for the warranties and/or performance guarantees rests with the underlayment manufacturer or contractor. Remove any of the following existing subfloors; Laminate, Cushioned resilient flooring, Wood mosaic panel, woodblock and wood strip. Prepare the subfloor in accordance with the above guidelines.

Complete system must be operational for a minimum of one week. System should be turned off 72 hours prior to installation of flooring and remain off 72 hours after installation is complete. Turn system back on to its normal room temperature setting. This resilient floor covering is suitable for use with under floor heating but must not exceed (27oC). Flooring and adhesive should never come in direct contact with heating system.

Apply the recommended adhesive according to the manufacturer’s instructions using A2, 1.6 V notch Trowel. Lay the planks/tiles and roll each section in both directions immediately upon completing with a minimum 100lb (45kg) roller. Re roll the entire area after 1-2 hours. Promptly remove adhesive smudges with a damp clean cloth while the adhesive is fresh and with mineral spirits when dry.

Ensure that the installed floor covering is free from general traffic for 24 hours after installation. Do not wash or polish the floor for a minimum of 48 hours after installation. Temperature and humidity during and after the floor covering installation will have a direct effect on the drying time of the adhesive, therefore ensure that room temperature is kept at a minimum of 65°F (15°C) and relative humidity is no more than 65% for a period of 72 hours after the completion of work. Protect flooring from prolonged direct sunlight.

Joseph Brett Ltd shall not be responsible for any loss, damage or complaint of any kind if the specific laying procedure described is not followed.

Before cleaning, remove loose dirt using a soft broom or vacuum cleaner.
During the 1st 30 days after installation, use a damp mop or cloth to clean the floor to allow the adhesive to cure. Do not use any water or cleaning fluid during this time.

For regular cleaning after the 1st 30 days, use a neutral ph cleaner, according to the manufacturers instructions, with a damp mop or machine clean (<450rpm). A 3M red pad or equivalent should be used. Clean up any spills immediately. If desired, apply a coat of floor finish according to the manufacturer’s instructions, following all of their guidelines.

Any future reapplications of the finish will require removal of any old coats of the finish. Ensure that adequate protection is used on any furniture legs. Non-staining entrance matt’s are recommended.

Please refer to the F Ball website www.f-ball.co.uk (recommended adhesive guide) for the correct recommended adhesives. Please ensure that the recommended adhesive is selected according to your specific site conditions and subfloor.

Joseph Brett Ltd is not responsible for any complaints where the incorrect adhesive has been used.

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